Treads Youth Advice & Information Centre

Helping Young People Stand On Their Own Two Feet

Treads is a safe, friendly, informal advice, information and drop-in centre for young people.

We are based at:
The United Reformed Church, Whitecliff Mill Street, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 7DQ

We can offer our services to you if you are:
10-19 years old
Up to 25 years old if you have learning difficulties or a care leaver.
We can help you lead a healthy lifestyle and make positive choices. We can provide you with support and guidance with:
Mental and Physical Wellbeing
Addictions, such as alcohol, substance misuse and gambling
Healthy relationships
We can support you with your:
We offer a listening ear and support to anyone who is questioning their sexuality or gender and/or part of the LGBT+ community
Our aims and objectives are:
  • To support individual young people and enable them to make informed choices and decisions.
  • To promote a positive image of young people.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle (physical, emotional, sexual).
  • To reduce antisocial behaviour and encourage good citizenship.
  • To raise awareness of issues concerning young people.
  • To develop independent lifestyles.
  • To offer young people opportunities to broaden their outlook and experiences.
  • To ensure young people are aware of Treads and what facilities they can access here.
  • Provide a safe and warm non-judgemental environment in which young people can meet.
  • Involve young people on the Management Committee and include them in the decisions, which are made.
  • Give young people opportunities that are fun, stimulating and challenging.
  • Give young people the chance to be heard.
  • Provide a range of information, both in leaflets and on a face to face basis around lifestyles.
  • Challenge antisocial and offending behaviour.
  • Provide information and give advice on a wide variety of issues relevant to young people.
  • Give young people the opportunities to attend our Stand Up To Bullying, Anti Bullying and Empowering Females workshops
  • Give Young people those that are not in education, employment or training a chance to gain an ASDAN credited award to enhance their knowledge and skills

PLEASE SEE ‘ARTICLE’ REGARDING COVID-19 - We have tips, websites, apps to aid your mental health during this difficult time

About Us

Donation Amount

  • The United Reformed Church, Whitecliff Mill St, Blandford Forum, DT11 7DQ
  • Treads Youth Advice & Information are now situated at the United Reformed Church
  •  07552724840
  •  Due to COVID-19 we can not provide our usual drop in sessions with out an appointment. Please call us on 07552724840 or email for further details


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Physical, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

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Sexual Health Advice & Services

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Bullying & Abuse

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Education, learning, training & employment

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Drugs, Substance Abuse & Alcohol

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Advice & Information

We work closely and have knowledge of a large variety of different organisations including: Victim Support Citizen Advice Bureau Children's Services Children & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHs) Youngminds Councils - Dorset County Council Dorset Family Matters Blandford Town Council Local Doctors Social Prescribers North Dorset Education establishments, schools and colleges Safeguarding Central Youthclub in Blandford Forum Foodbank

ASDAN awards

Sometimes young people find they cannot cope with school life and opt to be home schooled. Other young people find they have left school and cannot find a job or training and unsure what direction they want to go in. Treads can help you by offering short ASDAN certified courses of enrichment. These can be 10 hours to 60 hours long and include subjects like, volunteering, peer support, relationships, history, cooking the list goes on! You will be in control as to how you learn, when you learn and how many sessions you want to attend. To find out more please arrange an appointment.

Home & Family

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Emergency Help

We have compiled a list of emergency telephone numbers so young people can seek help immediately. Emergency Services 999 you can also call 112 Childline 08001111 Smaritans 116123 Shout Text 85258 Beat (Eating Disorder) 0808 801 0711 For further helplines please call 07552724840 or email and we will send you our Helpline contact package

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Natalie Pithers


Natalie has an expansive work background ranging from creating, delivering and co-coordinating projects to help young Mothers overcome their inability to read to project manageress in the corporate world. She is a Mother of three children and now runs her own Genealogy business

Libby Lloyd


Libby comes from an Education working background. She has spent over 20 years as an FE tutor for young offenders, those with learning disabilities and NEETs. She has a wealth of experience working as youth worker and team leader at various youth centres throughout Berkshire, Hampshire and Dorset. She understands the complexity of the needs of young people and how intervention can lead to positive outcomes

Helen Ryan


Helen has worked as an academic lawyer and head of department in the higher education sector for nearly 25 years. She has worked with children and young people from all backgrounds and has supported and tutored individuals in prison and other secure environments. Prior to leaving her Welsh hometown in 2005 Helen worked for a children’s charity offering counselling and support to homeless young people and others in difficulty, which she found a hugely rewarding experience. She is also a trained mediator.

John Tanner


John was born in Blandford Forum. From the age of 30 he has been in social work, a school governor on and off for the past 30 years, a Councillor of a principal council for 24 years, continues to be a parish Councillor, trustee of several local organisations. Whilst bringing up his own children whose Mother died when they were very young, now successful 40+ year old adults. Further, has over the past 20 years brought up a granddaughter whose biological Mother disowned her. She is currently in her third year of her University course. Finally, John was also able to run a successful bed & breakfast business for many years in the village of Pimperne.

Mel Turland


Mel is one of our newest trustees, joining the team in June 2022 for her first trustee role! Graduating from the University of Winchester in 2011, she completed a degree with honours in Choreography and Dance, later going on to intern in San Francisco for a dance company working with disabled and non-disabled dancers. Mel completed her Care Certificate back in 2017 whilst working as a support worker for adults and children with a range of disabilities and complex needs, whilst being a dance teacher part time. She later went on to have a professional career in fundraising at Girlguiding UK, whilst also being a volunteer. She has since moved into Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and is now EDI Manager for Volunteering and Branches at Samaritans. But will always have a passion for amplifying the voices of young people, and people from minority backgrounds.

Jenny Munday


  •  08/10/2022 03:45 PM
  •   Whitecliff Mill Street, Blandford Forum, UK

Time 4 me is for young carers and those who for one reason or the other do not get time for themselves. Activities will include art, craft, clay, tie dye, music, and so forth. Young carers age 10-18 are welcome without been officially registered as a young carer. We are extremely grateful that the Postcode lottery enabled us to offer these sessions. We are look forward to meeting you. For more information email or call libby or Su

  •  08/10/2022 03:45 PM
  •   Whitecliff Mill Street, Blandford Forum, UK

Lots of fun and relaxing activities to help young people aged 10-19 with their mental wellbeing so they can help others with theirs. Ac tivities include arts, crafts, tie dye, photography and so forth while learning tools that help their mental wellbeing so they can help themselves and friends and peers. We are very grateful to receive funding from the National Lottery so we are able to offer these sessions

  •  29/10/2022 07:43 PM
  •   The United Reformed Church, Blandford Forum

Looking after your mental health, learn how to overcome anxiety, build confidence, stand up for yourself and to bully’s, empowerment and enhance self esteem and mental wellbeing

  •  25/08/2022 10:08 AM
  •   Blandford School

Kids Summer Club Every Thursday throughout August 2022 from 10.00am till 2.00pm. Kids from 8-14. Free for kids who receive Free school dinners or £25 per child. Lots of games, outdoor activities, arts, craft, cooking, action van, fun!!! PLEASE EMAIL or call 07552724840 for more details. ITS NOT TOO LATE TO BOOK A PLACE!!!

  •  04/10/2021 04:28 PM
  •   Blandford Forum, UK

Treads will be offering Stand Up To Bullys at The Blandford Forum School from 3.30 - 4.45 Mondays comencing 4 October 2021. If you would like to find out more please get in touch with Mrs P White, Deputy Head for more information.

  •  20/12/0002 02:29 PM
  • Online Event

An increasing number of our young people have been coming down with Covid. We would like to wish you a very speedy recovery. For those that are up for it we are hosting a zoom games night, there will be lots of fun activities and it will be a chance for us all to wish each other a Merry Christmas! We will send out our invites to each and everyone of you!

End Of Girls Against Bullying Project

End Of Girls Against Bullying Project

Sadly our Tampon Tax Grant, which made it possible for us to provide successful ‘Girls Against Bullying Workshops’ has come to an end.  We would like to say a big thank you to the Dorset Community Foundation for their funding. What a difference this has made to all the young females that attended!! We have all experience such a difficult year, nobody could have predicted a pandemic would change our world.  We had to adapt our workshops from face to face to online and learn new ways to reach out and put our message across.  However, we did it! We have been able to provide support and guidance to young girls so that they are able recognise the different forms of bullying. Identify the consequence of bullying. Share their own experiences of make- up, body and period shaming. Enhance their confidence and self-esteem and just importantly have fun too! Although these sessions have now ended we have some exciting ideas and plans for the future, so watch this space!!

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Providing Laptops to the community

Providing Laptops to the community

Thank you everyone who made a donation to our “Providing laptops & devices to disadvantaged children to access education” project. We managed to provided laptops to Sturminster Newton School, Blandford Forum School, Milldown Primary School & Pimperne Primary School. A special thank you goes to:

CBA Services Ltd

Kernon Kelleher Solicitors

Blanchard Baileys LLP  

For their generosity

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Helpline & Online Safety Packages

Helpline & Online Safety Packages

We have created a seven page 'Helpline contact package' which lists useful contacts from the Samaritans, Kooth, Young Minds to Beat for eating disorders and Frank for addictions. Email 'Help package' to and we will send you this free pdf.

For those that are concerned with online safety, we have linked up with Think You Know and have a useful Online safety package with tips and suggestions of staying safe. Email 'Safety Online Package' to the above email address and we will send you this free pdf.

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Providing Laptops to disadvantaged children

Providing Laptops to disadvantaged children

Thank you everyone that helped us raise laptops to donate to l:

Blandford Forum School

Sturminster Newton School

Pimperne Primary School

Milldown School

Special thank you to the generosity from: 

CBA Services Ltd

Kenern Kelleher

Blandchard Baleys LLP

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Julia And Hans Rausing Trust

Julia And Hans Rausing Trust

Julia And Hans Rausing Trust commented: “Weare delighted to be supporting charities across the country that can make a real difference in their local communities and have a positive impact with educational, leisure and social opportunities.” Treads are extremely grateful for their generous donation which will help us to help the young people in North Dorset!

Treads would like to say a very big thank you for your generous donation

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Side By Side

Side By Side

Treads receive National Lottery to help fund Side By Side Project Our Side By Side project is based in Blandford Forum. We will use the funds to run lots of relaxing, creative and fun activities to help young people manage their mental wellbeing and provide them with skills to enable them to support their peers and friends with theirs. Treads run a weekly after school Thursday session where young people between the ages of 10-19 can come and join activities such as painting, art, crafts, relaxation techniques while learning how to look after their mental wellbeing and passing on that skill and knowledge to their peers and friends. The sessions teaches young people coping strategies and tools to manage issues such as anxiety, stress and depressions. Once these skills are acquired, we teach them how to provide support to their peers and friends. The sessions not only provide an opportunity for young people to share their feelings in a safe environment but helps them to make friends while learning new skills and having fun. While enjoyable, the young people also gain greater confidence, self belief and important collaboration skills. The new funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, which distributes money raised by National Lottery players for good causes and is the largest funder of community activity in the UK, will see these sessions expanded to more each week. This means that the number of young people able to participate will increase. Mark Williams Chair Trustee of Treads, says: “We’re delighted that The National Lottery Community Fund has recognised our work in this way. Now, thanks to National Lottery players we will be able to help young people to help themselves and others like themselves with their mental wellbeing. This is important because it helps young people become emotionally resilient and able to face some of life’s challenges while creating their own supportive circle of friends and peers.” Jo our young volunteer at Treads, says “its very uplifting to see young people helping each other through difficult times in their lives” If you would like to join our Thursday group contact Libby at or call 07552724840 for more details

Side By Side Mental Wellness & Peer Support

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Time 4 Me

Time 4 Me

We are very grateful to receive funding from the Postcode lottery. This has enabled us to create a wide selection of different fun and relaxing activities for young carers. We understand that for some young carers life can be difficult, stressful and sometimes upsetting. With this funding we can offer weekly sessions so that young carers can come and have fun, meet new friends and have time out for themselves! If you would like to join our Tuesday group at 3.45-5.30 contact Libby on 07552724840 or email for more information or book a place

Time 4 Me Young Carers Tuesday group

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Funding from Bryanston School, Blandford Forum

Funding from Bryanston School, Blandford Forum

Treads would like to say a very big thankyou to Bryanston School funding our projects such as providing laptops to schools and disadvantaged young people so that they could carry on with their education during the difficult COVID lockdown period and beyond, enabling us to provide one to one support to young people with missed education anxieties and other issues, enabling us to educate young people to become more emotionally resilient, understand and stand up to bullys.

Funding from Bryanston School, Blandford Forum

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Thank you National Lottery!

Thank you National Lottery!

Today we are saying a big thank you to The National Lottery #NationalLottery and all those that play it, for funding our Side By Side Project

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Thank You National Lottery

Thank You National Lottery

Today, 19 November 2021 we are saying a big thank you to The National lottery from Treads and all our young people for funding our vitally important Side By Side project! 🤞🤞🤞#ThanksToYou #NationalLottery

Thank you National Lottery!

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Help raise money for Ukraine

Help raise money for Ukraine

The young people at Treads wanted to do their bit to help the people of Ukraine, so we set up Justgiving and chose to raise money for The British Red Cross.  

How is the Ukrainian Red Cross helping on the ground?

Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers are reaching as many people as possible, distributing 30,000 food and hygiene parcels so far, and helping evacuate people with disabilities. 

The Ukrainian Red Cross has also provided food, warm clothing and other aid to around 8,000 people sheltering in metro stations. They are also providing first aid, and have done first aid training for more than 2,000 people in metro stations and bomb shelters.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is working to provide water and repair water infrastructure especially in areas in the east, where water supplies have been disrupted. They have set up water points and delivered water to villages and hospitals

Please help us reach our £1000 target by donating what you can afford and sharing our post. Thank you 🙏

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Heads Up

Heads Up

Heads Up is a project which helps young people to overcome anxiety, build confidence, manage their feelings so they become more emotionally resilient and enhance their self esteem. If you would like to find out more email

Heads Up

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Volunteer Trustee

Blandford Forum, Dorset, UK - VT012022
Treads mission is to support, nurture, connect, inspire, transform and progress young people in North Dorset.

Are you passionate, enthusiastic and have the commitment to make a difference to young people’s lives? 

We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated Trustees to join our board at Treads in Blandford Forum to support our current development stage and ensure our growth, sustainability and stability goes from strength to strength. We hope to recruit from a diverse pool of individuals who have knowledge, skills and expertise in the following areas that can add value to our existing board:

We are looking for the following important personal qualities:

  • an understanding and/or interest in the challenges that children and young people face, particularly in mental health and education.
  • a commitment to teamwork, without being afraid to critically challenge or question.
  • a passion for social change and a commitment to principles of diversity, equality, and inclusion.
  • experience of finance in a business or charity would be an advantage


Trustees are the financial and governance guardians of our organisation. They ensure the charity fulfills its mission, is run effectively and efficiently, complying with its governing document and Charity Commission obligations and meeting its financial requirements. 

Treads is a long-established growing charity that works to ensure all young people are given the opportunity to become confident individuals, responsible citizens who belong, contribute and thrive in their communities.
The post holder will:
Be prepared to undergo an Enhanced DBS

Work satisfaction, training where necessary and the opportunity to improve young peoples lives and really make a difference.

As outlined in job description
Apply Now