Home & Family

All families are different and no family is ‘normal’ or ‘perfect’. In every family there will be stresses and strains and these can sometimes lead to arguments and falling outs. Usually problems can be resolved by talking over the issues within the family, making up and moving on, but there are times when it may not be so easy to do this.  Perhaps your parents are fighting, or you are struggling to get on with someone at home. It may even be the case that someone is being hurt at home and you have been told not to say anything.

There are many ways get help when things at home may be causing you to feel scared, worried or unsettled. A first step would be to speak to someone confidentially about your concerns – maybe here at Treads, at school or at another youth charity, or if this feels too much try looking at the websites below to find out more about the kinds of problems that go on in families and how things can be made better with help and support.

www.relatedorset.co.uk – helping families and couples resolve conflict and stay together

www.mosaicfamilysupport.org.uk – Dorset based charity supporting young people and families who have been affected by the death of someone close

www.rd4u.org.uk – supporting young people after the death of someone close.

www.thehideout.org.uk – website created by www.womensaid.org.uk to help children and young people understand Domestic Violence and what to do if it is happening in your home.

www.rerun.org – Dorset based charity for young people who have or are considering running away from home.

www.childline.org.uk – fantastic website for young people includes lots of help and advice on issues around home and family. Well worth taking a look at.

www.actionforchildren.org.uk – advice and help on all kinds of issues. This is a good link for young carers