Libby Lloyd


Libby comes from an Education working background. She has spent over 20 years as an FE tutor for young offenders, those with learning disabilities and NEETs. She has a wealth of experience working as youth worker and team leader at various youth centres throughout Berkshire, Hampshire and Dorset. She understands the complexity of the needs of young people and how intervention can lead to positive outcomes

Su Case

Youth Worker & Administrator

Su has spent many years working with young people from a wide range of backgrounds in a busy large school environment. As a Mother of two teenage daughters and a third who has just achieved her biochemistry degree, she is no stranger to the trials and tribulations young people may have to face on a daily basis. Su has worked for Treads for the past four years as a youth worker and administrator.

Mark Williams

Chair Trustee

Mark was a senior manager in two local authorities and has a graduate background in Environmental Health, strategic HR ad community development. Recently he has been a free lance trainer specialising in culture and health and safety. Mark has bee involved in Treads in various roles for over 18 years and is current chair.

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Natalie Pithers


Natalie has an expansive work background ranging from creating, delivering and co-coordinating projects to help young Mothers overcome their inability to read to project manageress in the corporate world. She is a Mother of three children and now runs her own Genealogy business

John Tanner


John was born in Blandford Forum. From the age of 30 he has been in social work, a school governor on and off for the past 30 years, a Councillor of a principal council for 24 years, continues to be a parish Councillor, trustee of several local organisations. Whilst bringing up his own children whose Mother died when they were very young, now successful 40+ year old adults. Further, has over the past 20 years brought up a granddaughter whose biological Mother disowned her. She is currently in her third year of her University course. Finally, John was also able to run a successful bed & breakfast business for many years in the village of Pimperne.

Richard Genge


Richard, joined the team three years ago. He started as one of volunteers and with his passion to help empower young people he has become one of our valued trustees

Joe Hampson


Jo is our youngest member or the team. He was a member of our Thursday A-Teen group then became one of our volunteers and eventually a trustee. He is currently studying physics at college.