Helping your mind stay healthy

Ways to help you relax and unclutter a restless mind

Relaxation Drawing

What you will need.

A quiet place to sit and draw

A place that is at a nice temperature (you can’t relax if you are cold)

Paper or card

Coloured pencil or pen

Draw a large shape the size of your paper or card.

The shape could be a circle, square or simply a big blob.

Without lifting the pen or pencil off the paper continue to draw over the shape or inside the

shape, you could draw patterns inside the shape or circles and more shapes. It doesn't matter

What the finish result will look like. Just keep your mind focused on the shapes or patterns

you are creating and the sound of your breathing. If it helps you to relax play relaxing

background music. Continue to do this exercise for a few minutes, thinking of the sensations

Of the movement of drawing to help quieten your mind. On completion you

could start the exercise again using different colours, different shapes or patterns.